Basics of Playing Keno Online

There are hundreds of different Online Casino Games and each of them fall into a category, which at least make searching for a game a bit easier! Gaming categories include Slot Machines, Table Games, Card Games, Video Poker Games and Progressive Jackpot Games. Other games that do not fall into any of these categories are often referred to as Specialty Games. Keno is a game that is very much the same as Bingo and while some casinos classify it as a Specialty Game, others refer to it as a lottery game. Whatever you would like to call it, it is an easy game to play and by learning the basics of how to play Keno you will be well on your way. Check out Red Flush Online Casino as they offer Keno with all the quality that you would expect from a Microgaming game!

Online Keno features a large board with squares that are numbered from 1 through to 80. The player needs to predict the numbers of the 20 balls that will be drawn and this can be done by clicking on your chosen numbers on the screen. Players can select up to 15 numbers in one round and although the payout becomes less the more numbers you select, your chances of getting correct numbers are higher. The Keno Pay Table plays a big part in the game as players will see exactly how much they will be paid out based on how much they wagered, the coin sizes and how many numbers have been chosen. If you were wondering about how the balls are selected, it all happens with a very clever state of the art computer program known as the Random Number Generator. Unlike the traditional "Rabbit Ear" Blower or the "Hand Cage" that is spun manually, the RNG selects the balls completely at random with no human interaction at all!

Therefore, the results can in no way be manipulated. The most valuable bit of advice that can be given to Keno Players is to always keep an eye on your coin stack as it is a game of rounds and your bankroll can quickly become depleted. Enjoy playing Keno and other Online Casino Games at high ranking Online Casinos!